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Career Craft Consultancy is a boutique firm of experienced industry professionals who bring their combined extensive experience and passion in advising organizations operating in India address their talent and business needs.

Career Craft Consultancy is providing Executive Research, Junior and Middle Management Search solutions for a wide range of industries and functions; we specialize in sourcing, assessing and placing exceptional talent that fits our client’s culture and business strategy.

Integrity, Confidence & Trust

We look at these as the foundations of highly successful business relationships and we deliver on this promise as we work with our clients in a partnership approach with a high degree of result-orientation.

Extensive corporate experience (both domestic and international) and passion for excellence

We believe our experience of having worked in world-class companies helps us understand business context and our client’s needs accurately. This translates into high-impact output and results that are visibly world-class.

Highly networked group that ensures superior quality of delivery.

Our networks allow us up to tap for talent and business solutions across industries and geographies. We are abreast of latest industry trends and developments, which ensure superior quality of service and delivery.

Our Services

Industry Verticals
  • IT and Software
  • Marketing and Sales
  • HR Management
  • BFS & Insurance
  • ITES & BPO
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Manufacturing & Production Industry
  • Telecom
Permanent Staffing

We at Career Craft Consultancy bring in a difference to the table on selection procedures. We never compromises on quality through the ‘candidates selections, screening and finalization’ before referring the candidate to our clients. We understand the reason behind the trust in hiring a human resources solutions company like us when our clients can easily get a list of resume from job portals. We do not only assess the candidates and their resumes, but the real people behind those resumes. We believe it is not achievements of a candidate is great talent but the passion in him which brings out the real talent. Our process-based and personalized approached ensures that the client receives candidate who are eligible for just one thing, i.e., the clients requirement with satisfaction.

Finding the right Candidate

We know that a slow screening process can prevent you from landing that dream candidate. And a hasty incomplete screening process can burn you if you hire a less-than-desirable candidate. We at Career Craft Consultancy screen every resume to deliver accurate, timely information for the clients, so that they can hire the right people the very first time. In most cases, we source the candidate from our internal database for talented candidates who may currently not be actively looking for a new job, but may be interested in a good offer. We also have our strategic alliances, personal networks and contacts at other professional organization’s to widen our search.

Shortlisting and verification of candidates

Once we identify the right candidate, we will check the candidate’s background information and we make sure to check the selected candidates do have the hard and soft skills that are necessary for the required profile and also conduct a background check, and verify the work history and professional references provided by the candidate. We work closely with our clients to make an informed and confirmed decisions to finalise a quick hiring!

Finalising the job offer and follow-up

We help our clients to give a final job offer, managing negotiations, and securing the signed offer letter from the candidate. We also have an ongoing follow-up process where we work with the client and the candidate to ensure that the on boarding process goes without a hitch.

Contract Staffing

We at Career Craft Consultancy help’s big and small organisations to deal with the volatile marked demands in contract staffing. Career Craft Consultancy provides reliable contract staffing solutions that offer’s the client the ability to execute their projects without absorbing them as an permanent staff or assist overloaded employees during the critical times, and keep the project on schedule.

Highlights and benefits of Contract Staffing Services

Career Craft Consultancy contract staffing services are prompt and sincere. We make sure that our contract staff commits themselves to the client’s requirement and focus on what they do the best, throughout the agreed time, whether it’s 3 months or 1 years. We have a proven track record and time-tested contract recruitment process which allows us to provide you with the right candidate for your company. We have a professional network all over the country which helps us to get the right candidate from the huge database list, who can provide their valuable skill to our clients.

Cost-effective solutions

Our Contract Staffing solutions will help our clients to get the best candidates swiftly and painlessly without getting bogged down by the hassles of human resources management issues. We help our clients to save their precious time dealing with the administrative troubles of employee recruitment and filling paper works for every new employee. Career Craft Consultancy contract staffing is the perfect way for any busy entrepreneurs to startup with. We will hand all the hard work by finding the right employee for you, so you can focus on the core task of running or starting up your business rather than dealing with the administrative works like creating the paper works or running a background check, etc.

Benefits of Contract Staffing

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Short-term and Project-based Staffing requirement
  • Qualified and experienced professional
  • Contract staffs will stay on our rolls
  • Standard Contractual Procedures that will be need
  • Prompt and quality commitment
  • Highly skilled candidates
Other Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our recruitment process outsourcing is designed to assist companies to depend on our expertise where they can concentrate on the business end whereas we go to the market and search the right skills for them. We partner with the required services providers, manage walk-ins, do the complete recruitment process. Our process is designed in a transparent manner where the client is notified at every step with the correct reporting.

Walk In Management

When you have a bulk hiring requirement, our team works relentlessly to help create good numbers of walk-ins for the interview at your venue. We help you fill multiple positions in your organisation in minimal lead time.

How we do it

Career Craft Consultancy has team of recruiters adept at handling such recruitment. The client is provided with candidate lined up at their door step. For the client, this will drastically reduce the turnaround time and improve cost effectiveness.


We rigorously follow our well documented and implemented 8-step methodology within our three-phase approach.

PHASE 1: Understand the Client

Before Career Craft Consultancy commences any search or fulfillment activities, we mandatorily spend effort and time in understanding the client, the industry, the internal organization structure, dynamics, culture and values and business need in depth. This includes job specific information such as job title, key deliverables, principal accountabilities, key result areas and, business aspirations of the organization.

We use a competency framework approach and Hays methodology where applicable. Information collection from the client is done using a checklist in order to make it complete and time efficient.

PHASE 2: Prepare/Set Up to Execute

Once Career Craft Consultancy has a clear and complete understanding in Step 1, Career Craft Consultancy is in a position to hold robust discussions internally to arrive at targeted search strategy for the client and the position. This is then followed through by the engagement team towards effective execution.


Based on the search strategy, lists of target companies and suitable talent pools are developed. Career Craft Consultancy always makes an effort to list diverse targets in the solution set. This is based on Career Craft Consultancy philosophy that diversity of talent in any organization lifts the capability and performance of any organization over a period of time. Hence, presenting diverse options to the client are embedded in Career Craft Consultancy methodology. Once the target industry/company list is agreed upon, we will utilize our sources and networks along with our database to develop an initial candidate shortlist.


Career Craft Consultancy carries out an indepth evaluation through informal references and personal interviews and discussions with potential candidates.

Senior Career Craft Consultancy staff provide a dossier of information to all potential candidates on the position, role and company details. Career Craft Consultancy gauges the interest and excitement of the candidate in the role through its various interactions. Career Craft Consultancy follows a philosophy of adding value to its clients by providing a very relevant shortlist of a few highly probable best fit for the role candidates.

PHASE 3: Assignment Delivery

For the most appropriate candidates, we will prepare a detailed resume and evaluation summary to facilitate the interview process by the client. Seamless coordination of logistics for multiple client rounds, is an integral part of our service.


We look to support the client interview process and can help facilitate Psychometric assessment & other leadership assessments methodologies, if required.


Career Craft Consultancy undertakes to conduct detailed references on the candidate selected to hire. Career Craft Consultancy plays a role in expectation management and negotiations, if needed, in order to strike a win-win situation for both the client and the candidate. If required, we could conduct a background check through appropriate agencies.


Career Craft Consultancy believes in continuous improvement and cementing relationships with clients, hence this is a valuable step in our methodology. We usually carry this out through a debrief call or a face to face meeting, taking on board ideas for improvement as valuable feedback from the engagement process.



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